Seller protection program

The program of a seller protection - we undertake all work on financial complaints from emitter of pay funds and customers, thus protecting the funds of customers who have already linked up their e-shops to the Oplata system.

How it works - the standards of VerifiedByVisa, MasterCard Secure Code in combinationwith our monitoring team dispute financial complaints on the service provided to a customer by the shop.

What is needed from the online shop - is any evidence of the service provided.

Examples of documents confirming the service provided

  1. For shops selling offline goods – any delivery documents (with the customersignature preferably) which confirms the receiving of goods by the customer,information about the goods purchased by the customer, date, address and time of goods’ delivery.
  2. For shops with e-goods – identification numbers of goods delivered to the customer,date, time and place of goods delivery (for example, an e-mail, a web-page or a phone number). The fact of using e-goods by customer (if the system presupposes the record of goods'usage, for example such as vouchers or activation codes with statuses of usage).

In case you have any further questions what documents might be used as proof in disputinga particular case, you can always contact our customers’ support line and receive a consultation.